Welcome to the Parishianae Homepage

On these homepage I would like to introduce these small uncommonly fascinating orchids. You get informations about the history of the discovery of the particulars species, to their natural habitats, culture conditions and receives information about the hybrids of this section.

Blueten der Arten

The section* Parishianae is a sub-group of the orchid genus Phalaenopsis. Since the revision by E.A.Christenson (2001) belong 4 species to the sub-genus* Parishianae now. These are Phal. appendiculata, Phal. gibbosa, Phal. lobbii and Phal. parishii. Formely Phal. mysorensis was a spec of the section, too. Almost nothing informations about this spec are known. She is deemed to be lost.

*H.R.Sweet had led the Parishianae Phalaenopsen as section of the genus Phalaenopsis. Christenson modified this to a sub-genus. Sections are sub-groups of the sub-genus. Since the sub-genus Parishianae does not exhibit further partitioning, I will synonymously use the term section in my remarks.